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Alejandro Salinas, LMT

About my Journey:


In 2010 I was accepted into the DePaul University Acting Conservatory. We were required to take a yoga course as part of the curriculum and there I met Gabriel Halpern, master teacher of Yoga Circle renown in the Iyengar tradition. The intersection of yogic and theatre philosophies inspired a new passion for life and yoga that has carried me to this very day. I attended classes and apprenticed with Gabriel at his studio for years afterwards. I became more interested in anatomy and health and choose to become a Licensed Clinical Massage Therapy by attending The Soma Institute, National School of Clinical Massage Therapy in 2014, where I would then work as a tutor, teaching assistant, and eventually as a Core Instructor until leaving in 2020 during the pandemic. In 2017 I trained at Blue Lotus learning Thai Massage led by Paul Fowler, a reverent student of legendary teacher Ajarn Pichest Boonthumme in Thailand. 

I've had a lifelong fascination and relationship to dreams. I pulled from this interest for my thesis workshop during my time at Moksha. I created an immersive experience using theatrics, a soundtrack which would eventually open my debut album Drifting, and all the lessons I've learned on yoga and dreams. The response was incredible with nearly 80 people in attendance. I knew I could continue to offer my special blend of talents in this way. Since then  I've had the opportunity to learn in person from lucid dreaming teachers such as Charlie Morley, Stephen LaBerge, Ph. D, Andrew Holecek, and Kristin LaMarca. I've hosted dream circles and have held workshops in the city and at various outdoor festivals, I co-hosted The Dream Freaks podcast for 13 episodes along with published author Tree Carr and YouTuber Jenniffer Claroscura.

My interest in death comes from my studies in Dream Yoga, and having experienced a handful of deaths growing up, including a brother who died before I was born, and my grandpa when I was 3 years old. Together with my interest in spirituality and yoga, death and grief grew into my work. I began hosting Death Cafe's after being introduced by a friend and being asked to sub for another. I've been co-hosting these events with Careid Surprenent through Inner Sense Healing Arts. Since losing my father to the COVID pandemic, these events have been even more special and further affirming my belief in giving ourselves the time and space to talk openly about death, and to grieve without guilt or shame or rush for any of our losses. 

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